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I'm Eric Cacciatore

My world revolves around restaurants, hospitality, and making real connections. Ever since I was a kid, hanging out in the buzz of kitchens and dining rooms, I knew this was my playground.

I've spent my life diving into what makes restaurants tick.

It's been an awesome ride, chatting with some of the coolest restaurant owners out there and picking up a treasure trove of insights along the way.

Think of me as your friendly guide on this wild ride from feeling overwhelmed to totally nailing it in the restaurant biz.​

We're in this together,

building a place where your passion for food meets a thriving business, and every restaurant owner gets to shine. So, let's roll up our sleeves and dive into this exciting new chapter of unstoppable success in our world of restaurants.

   our values

In the heart of Restaurant Unstoppable, freedom is much more than a concept; it's the very essence of our philosophy.

To me, freedom means having the power to shape your own path, to tirelessly pursue your personal dreams instead of being tethered to someone else's vision. It's about living a life free from regret and resentment, embracing the right to make your own choices, and exploring your deepest curiosities. For every restaurant owner, this freedom is the foundation of a successful journey.

At Restaurant Unstoppable, we believe that true freedom is the lifeblood of an unstoppable restaurant empire, not just a distant goal but a vital part of the journey itself.

   my story

Rooted In Heritage:

Here I stand proudly with my family outside Joe's Depot Diner, the place where my love for restaurants and the spirit of hospitality was born. Family bonds and culinary dreams intertwine, shaping the foundation of the Restaurant Unstoppable Movement.

Dual Passions Unite:

Balancing the skies and the culinary world, here's a snapshot of my journey working part-time in a restaurant during my tenure as a commercial pilot. A testament to the diverse experiences that fuel my dedication to elevating the restaurant industry.

The Leap of Dedication:

In this moment, I resigned from aviation to pursue a dream – starting a podcast that would serve and uplift the restaurant industry. This pivotal decision marks the birth of the Restaurant Unstoppable Movement, a journey driven by passion, purpose, and a commitment to transformative impact.

The Unstoppable Journey: From Family Roots to Podcast Heights

My story in the restaurant world began as a child, growing up in the midst of my parents' restaurant. I saw firsthand their hard work, the community's love, and yet, the financial struggles that came with it. The image of my mom, tears at our dining table, wrestling with bills despite a bustling business, left a deep impression. It sparked a question in me: How can a restaurant be so loved, so busy, and yet struggle financially? This question became the seed for the Restaurant Unstoppable podcast.

After a decade, my parents, worn by challenges, stepped away from the restaurant life. I was just 13, but while they closed their chapter, mine felt like it was just beginning. Throughout high school and college, I continued to work in restaurants, drawn to the industry they had left behind.

Despite this pull, I pursued a career as a commercial pilot, a path my parents believed was more secure than the precarious world of restaurant ownership. They saw it as a 'real job', a way to avoid the hardships they faced. But at 26, after a decade in aviation, I realized my true passion wasn't flying. It was freedom - the same freedom I thought piloting would give me to eventually open my own restaurant.

Realizing this, I resigned and returned to school for marketing and hospitality. With a mountain of student debt, working in a restaurant wasn't feasible, but my love for the industry remained. I found a job at a local winery, thinking it would be a stepping stone to selling wine to restaurants.

It was during my time at the winery, while listening to podcasts on entrepreneurship, marketing, and personal growth, that I stumbled upon two life-changing quotes. The first: "If you're looking for something and can't find it, you're probably not alone – there's opportunity there." The second: "Help enough people get what they want, and you can have anything you want." These words ignited a spark in me. I might not have been ready to start my own restaurant, but I could start learning and sharing my journey.

And so, the Restaurant Unstoppable podcast was born. A platform where I could explore my passion for the restaurant industry, learn from the best, and share those invaluable insights with the world. It's more than a podcast; it's a mission to inspire and empower every restaurant owner out there to achieve fiscal security and happiness.

Join me on this unstoppable journey.

   Our Beliefs

I Believe

I believe in the transformative power of shared knowledge and genuine connections within the restaurant industry.

I trust in the resilience and creativity of restaurant owners who, against all odds, pour their hearts into every dish and every customer experience.

I believe that true success in this industry isn't just about profit margins, but about creating a space where individuals, teams, community, thrive around passion and innovation.

I am committed to unearthing and sharing the wisdom of those who have walked this path successfully, providing a beacon of guidance and inspiration for those embarking on their own restaurant journey.

In the heart of every challenge lies an opportunity, and I believe that together, through shared stories and experiences, we can make the restaurant world not just extraordinary, but UNSTOPPABLE.

Busting Myths:
The Truth About Running Your Restaurant

Stepping into the world of restaurant ownership is often shrouded in myths and misconceptions. It's easy to get caught up in beliefs that limit your potential and cloud your vision of what's truly possible. In Restaurant Unstoppable, we're not just about sharing success stories; we're also about dismantling the myths that hold you back. Let's tackle some of the most common false beliefs head-on. By understanding and overcoming these misconceptions, you can unlock a new level of success and freedom in your restaurant journey. Here are three myths that need debunking for you to truly thrive in this vibrant industry.​


The Myth of Constant Presence: "If I'm Not There, It Falls Apart"

Think your restaurant can't run without you? Think again. The secret isn't in being there all the time; it's in building a strong culture and effective process. Empower your staff, set up smart systems, provide a path for growth and watch your restaurant thrive, even in your absence. It's about creating a self-sustaining business that gives you the freedom you deserve.


The Misconception About Systems: "They Drain the Soul of My Restaurant"

Worried that systems will rob your restaurant of its unique flavor? It's actually the opposite. Effective systems bring consistency and efficiency, allowing more room for creativity and personal touch. They're not about restriction; they're about setting the stage for your restaurant's personality to shine brighter.


The Profitability Doubt: "Restaurants Just Can't Be Profitable"

Believe that profitability is a pipe dream in the restaurant world? Let's bust that myth. Success in this industry is not just possible; it's achievable with the right approach. It's about smart strategies, understanding your market, and balancing costs. Your restaurant can be a profitable venture, fueled by passion and smart business sense.

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